TRODAN Data Repository




The Center for Atmospheric Research (CAR) is an activity Centre of the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA, committed to research and capacity building in the atmospheric and related sciences. CAR is dedicated to understanding the atmosphere—the air around us—and the interconnected processes that make up the Earth system, from the ocean floor through the ionosphere to the Sun's core. The NASRDA Center for Atmospheric Research provides research facilities and services for the atmospheric and Earth sciences community. Tropospheric Data Acquisition Network, TRODAN, is a project that was designed to monitor the lower atmosphere which covers region from the surface of the Earth to the altitude of about 11 km. This project is designed to collect and provide real-time meteorological data from different locations across Nigeria using for the purpose of research and development. At moment TRODAN equipment include atmospheric monitoring facilities such as Automatic Weather Stations, Micro Rain Radar facilities and Vantage Pro. This present data is obtained using Campbell Scientific Automatic Weather Station.

Conditions of Use of TRODAN Data

The data made available by CAR are provided for research use and are not for commercial use or sale or distribution to third parties without the written permission of the Centre. Publications including theses making use of the data should include an acknowledgment statement of the form given below. A citation reference should be sent to the TRODAN Project Manager ( for inclusion in a publications list on the TRODAN website.

The TRODAN Data Structure

In all files, the header text lines contain thirteen rows which begin with date/time in the same cell with the format ddmmyyyyhhmm. The second raw is CR 1000 record which is the datalogger type used for data collection in this equipment, the third row is the CR 1000 Battery Volt, the fourth row begins the meteorological parameters starting with Rain Rate in mm, Solar Radiation SLrW in W/m2, Air Temperature AirTC in Degree Celsius (°C), Relative Humidity RH in Percentage (%), Soil Temperature T107 in °C, Wind Speed WS in m/sec, Wind Direction in Degrees, Barometric Pressure Barpress in mbar, Volumetric Water Content VW *100 and lastly PA_us conversion for unified soil which concern only Volumetric water content. The column contains the serial number of the data. The header contains metadata on product name, creation time, units, source, missing data, end of record identifier, time range. The product filename includes the begin date/time (Local time) of each product run in the format of ddmmyyyyhhmm Where dd = 2-digit day, MM = 2-digit month hh = 2-digit hour, yyyy = 4-digit year, hh= 2-digit hour and mm = 2-digit minute. The product run interval is 5 minutes and is indicated by the Time Range field in the header. NAN=Missing Data Note that: There is unavailable data from 24th/05/2010 20:25 to 30th/09/2010 20:30.


CAR-NASRDA accepts no liability for the use or transmission of this data.