The Africa Grid Science Gateway is a standard-based web 2.0 demonstrative platform to show the lighthouse applications identified by the past eI4Africa and the current Sci-GaIA projects and execute them on a worldwide (including Africa) e-Infrastructure.

The access to the Africa Science Gateway requires federated credentials issued by an Identity Provider. If the organisation you belong to has an Identity Provider, click on the "Sign In" link which appears in the top right corner of the page. Otherwise, you can get federated credentials registering to the "open" Identity Provider which belongs to the GrIDP "catch-all" federation. 

In order to run an application, select it from the Applications menu above.  New applications can also be proposed to be included in the Africa Grid Science Gateway. Interested people just need to fill in this online survey.


The Africa Grid Science Gateway has been conceived and developed in the context of  

and it is now actively supported by

Other projects, initiatives, organisations, and single individuals wanting to contribute to the development of the Africa Grid Science Gateway both with human and computing/storage resources, or are interested in developing a science gateway for their own community, are welcome to contact sgwadmin_AT_africa-grid.org.